Foraft provides value-addition services to owners and shipyards for maintenance, repairs, and conversion projects for new build and to renew the life of the existing vessel.  

Rapid turnaround on emergent engineering and planning needs including repairs, repowering, retrofits, surveys, refits, and upgrades.  Applied 3D Scanning technology and 3D CAD lofting. We have successfully applied 3D Scanning technology and 3D CAD lofting to support these quick-turnaround projects.

Comprehensive detail design package:

  • Initial Feasibility studies
  • Updation of vessel information
  • Loading Manuals
  • Scantling Reassessments, Contract Plans & Specifications, Detail Design
  • Conversion & Re-Powering Design, Shipyard Bid/Proposal Support, Hull Machinery Surveys
  • Ship Production Engineering, Owner/Rep Plan Approvals
  • Regulatory & Class Compliance
  • “24/7” Support & Consultancy Service
  • Advice and design packages for retrofit, upgrades and modifications
  • On-site support and supervision during fabrication.

Partnered for design work integrating to meet IMO, USCG standards and compliances.

  • Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS)
  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS)